The truth of the matter is that some of us started blogging because someone told us we had to, and others started because they wanted to talk about their products and services. But those are not the right reasons to blog.

Watch our most recent video clip and learn about the top three blogging mistakes we encourage you not to make! Businesses who make these three mistakes are simply adding to the mountains of irrelevant content online and disappointing their customers by not offering the solutions they so desperately want. 

While incorporating video into our social strategy has been a major plus, it has been a learning process. There’s nothing like a significant spike in audience engagement to tell you you’re on the right track - or that you’ve been missing the boat in the past. Don’t get me wrong, we are pleased with our results! Our organic audience reach skyrocketed to over 5,000, and our engagement levels were the highest they’ve ever been organically. For a company page with a little over 200 likes, I’d say that’s pretty decent!

But like any new communication strategy, there are a few things we wish we would have done differently. So we’re spilling the beans on what we’ve learned from using video on Facebook in hopes that you can pick up some tips and avoid some of our rookie mistakes. 

In the evolving world of content marketing, we continually need to refine how we communicate with and reach our customers. Here are a few content marketing trends you should consider as you refresh and plan for this year's blog posts, newsletters, and social media campaigns.

1. Sophisticated algorithms will force you to get serious about quality control

If your goal is to reach users with first-page search results this year, then it's about time you ditched the traditional SEO marketing strategy. The truth is, the game has changed. Google algorithms now evaluate content based on its value to readers who are searching for it. The focus on quality content means excessive keyword stuffing and backlinking won’t do you any good.

If your business publishes blog posts on a regular basis, then you probably have a well-oiled routine. You put your last period on the end of another great post, hit publish, and reap the benefit of short-lived excitement before it is lost in an archive along with dozens of other posts and is forgotten. Kind of sad, but it’s true, right?

You know the feeling when you get a new outfit and you can’t wait to parade around showing everybody because it gives you the kind of confidence that makes you feel like you can take on the world? Well, that’s kind of how we feel about our new About Us video. Which is why we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

Here is an inside peek at what goes on at Rough Draft Solutions!

This past week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Cooper Spaulding, the owner and operator of film production company, Cold Box Films. His company writes, films, and produces high-quality videos for the small business market primarily in the greater Lansing area.

During our conversation, we discussed why videos are an essential component to successful businesses and how they can help companies flourish. Check out all of the helpful insight Cooper shared with us!

As promised, I am trying to add some more personality to this little website of mine - and what better way to do it than a video? :) This Monday I met up with Cooper Spaulding from Cold Box Films in Okemos, MI. It was a chilly morning, but the sun was perfect and after scoping out a few locations, we found the perfect place.

I will admit, I was a little nervous about how I would act once there was a camera in my face. (Why is it that we make such weird facial expressions and come up with strange phrases as soon as the record button has been pressed?) After a few encouraging words from Cooper and a couple takes, we called it a wrap! Honestly, the entire filming process only took 30 minutes! And because Cold Box Films is so awesome, I had the video the same day!

I know we are well into the year, but I thought this video was a neat look into the current trends and what is to come in 2015. Often it is a challenge to keep up with all of the social media trends and demands, but I don't think small business can get away from it. This video was created by InfoGraphicsDesign. What are your thoughts on these trends? What are you doing to stay active on social media?