As promised, I am trying to add some more personality to this little website of mine - and what better way to do it than a video? :) This Monday I met up with Cooper Spaulding from Cold Box Films in Okemos, MI. It was a chilly morning, but the sun was perfect and after scoping out a few locations, we found the perfect place.

I will admit, I was a little nervous about how I would act once there was a camera in my face. (Why is it that we make such weird facial expressions and come up with strange phrases as soon as the record button is pressed?) After a few encouraging words from Cooper and a couple takes, we called it a wrap! Honestly, the entire filming process only took 30 minutes! And because Cold Box Films is so awesome, I had the video the same day! Here it is!

Today, we will touch on 5 tips that really helped make our morning of filming successful.

Choose a location

Depending on the messages are trying to portray through your video, choose a location that is relevant to your content and that looks professional. Clear the idea of the location with your videographer so they can be sure to be setup to handle the certain lighting situations and other aspects that may affect the video. 


Prepare what you want to say before you arrive

I had worked on a few ideas the week before filming and then the night before I narrowed my ideas down. On the 30 minute drive to meet Cooper I practiced what I wanted to say. - We ended up cutting the content down and changing a few things, but practicing beforehand really helped make the process go smoothly. Practicing a few times also helps you seem more natural on camera. - Although, don't over-do it - you don't want to memorize it word for word. (Prepping also shortens the amount of time you will have to stand outside in the cold! ;))


Show your personality

Speaking from my little experience of being behind the camera, it is easy to clam up and be way too serious on the camera. Try to speak as if you were just having a conversation with a potential customer. Ultimately, that is who you are creating this for! Share your love for what you do and always differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Less is more

This phrase may seem overdone, but many times less is truly more! Try to stay away from cramming too much information into a single video. You only have a short period of time to catch your viewer's attention. It can be helpful to create an outline of the content you want to touch on and prioritize your points from there.  If you have a lot of content to share, don't hesitate to create a series of videos. There are many options you can explore, but you should always keep your customer's needs in mind!

Listen to your videographer's advice

More than anyone, your videographer will know what they are talking about in terms of lighting, location, on-camera presence and post-processing. Make sure you pick someone who you get along with and makes you feel comfortable. This could impact your entire video experience, and you want to do your best to make it a positive one!


Videos are a powerful source of communicating about your business. Of all the Facebook posts I have ever shared, this video has had the most engagement by far. In less than 24 hours, I had more than 150 views! While the goal is not to have a viral video, it is pretty awesome to know that more people are learning about your business.

Have you thought about doing a video for your business? What are you nervous about?

Also, feel free to share your thoughts about the video - I am planning on doing more videos and I am curious what kinds of things you'd like to see! More info about the business? Tips and tricks? Please tell! We're here to answer all questions as well!

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