Cold Box Films  setting up for their shoot with  Kids n Dogs  in Lansing! 

Cold Box Films setting up for their shoot with Kids n Dogs in Lansing! 

This past week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Cooper Spaulding, the owner and operator of film production company, Cold Box Films. His company writes, films, and produces high-quality videos for the small business market primarily in the greater Lansing area.

During our conversation, we discussed why videos are an essential component to successful businesses and how they can help companies flourish. Check out all of the helpful insight Cooper shared with us!


RDS: Why do you think the incorporation of video content is so important for businesses?

Cooper: I think people tend to gravitate toward video for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is convenience. Someone who visits your website is often more likely to click on a 1-2 minute video that explains the services you offer rather than read paragraphs upon paragraphs of the same sort of explanation. While written content holds a valuable place in any website, video offers a convenience and an entertainment factor that your clients crave.

RDS: In previous conversations with us youve mentioned how video is a great tool to establish a personal connection with your clients. Can you elaborate on this?

Cooper: Yeah! This was actually my next point concerning why video is so important for your business and it has everything to do with creating a personal connection with your clients. Not only does video enable you to convey a message in a fun and creative way, but it takes it a step further and creates an authentic connection with your audience. It puts a face to your company and tells the client Hey, Im a real person who wants to solve your real problems.Its personable and most of all its effective. And as you continue to create more relevant and video content, the more your business-client relationships will flourish.

RDS: For a company who is considering doing video for the first time, what are some must have videos they should incorporate on their website now?

Cooper: I would say some of the major videos your business must have would be:

An About Us” Video - Every business has an About Usor company section on their website that probably has a good looking headshot or team picture with a description of who they are and what they do. And thats great! But in addition to that you should also have a 1-2 minute introduction video that is positioned at the top of your page. This helps people feel like they have a more personal relationship with you and can help them feel confident enough to reach out for more information.

Heres an example of an About Usvideo Cold Box Films produced for us! We have received a lot of great feedback from this video and have even gotten specific jobs in connection to posting it on Facebook!

A Highlight of Services/Products- This is sort of an extension of the About Usvideo and it could take the form of one video or a series of videos depending on the number of services/products you offer. In a nutshell, youre going to want to provide a short video that highlights what services or products you have to offer. These videos are great because they give your client a visual explanation of how you can help them.  Again, its effective, its authentic, and it works.

A Promotional Video- On the more creative side of things, I would encourage businesses to create a quick promotional video. This video can be used on your website homepage or be shared on social. This video would be more of an in-action, behind-the-scenes, look at your business. It would have customer reviews and really just highlight the kind of things that make your business stand out and that differentiate it from the competition.

RDS: So let’s talk about the importance of staying relevant because I know this is a topic you talk a lot about with your clients in terms of video marketing. How does the incorporation of video put your company one step ahead of the competition?

Cooper: This is a great topic. What I often tell my clients is that the incorporation of video is going to establish to help your company stay relevant in an ever-changing market. As business owners, we have to detect when that next market shift is coming and adapt quickly and video is that next shift. When a customer finds your business and the content you are creating relevant they are more likely to engage with you. Videos are a great platform to go beyond communicating at your customers. Now you will be able to communicate with your customers and develop real, meaningful relationships built on trust.

You may be a small business, but if you are producing stellar content in the form of engaging videos, you are already running with the big dogs.

RDS: That is a great transition into talking about the return on investment. How will videos help a business increase sales or build clientele? What kind of return on investment can they expect?

Cooper: I always like to answer this question by talking about my personal experience. Aside from video, I also manage an online company that sells cleaning products and for each product we carry we produced a short “How to” video explaining the product’s various features and how our customers can best use it to clean everyday messes. I have had customers message me and tell me they decided to order a product from our website versus another competing website solely because we provided a video demonstration on how to best use it. Same product, same price, same shipping, but video was the key differentiator.

You see? Relevance. We were able to establish and authentic, effective, and personal connection with that client who saw that he or she could benefit from watching our video and thus, it gave them enough confidence in the company to purchase our product instead of a competitor’s.

RDS: One last thing before we let you go. What do you enjoy most about working with small businesses?

Cooper: So often the one thing that stops a small business from pursuing video is price. And let’s face it, asking a large company to produce a video for you is often expensive. That’s where I come in. I wanted to provide affordable, high-quality videos to the very market that breathes life into our economy - small businesses.

As a small business myself, I feel connected to my clients in a way that larger companies don’t. I know how much time and effort goes into building and running a successful company and I want to do whatever I can to help my clients be successful. I’m telling you, the small business market is one of the most gratifying and enjoyable market to work with. Not a day goes by that I don’t absolutely love what I do. And I really think that shows in my work.

If you’d like to contact Cooper to set up a consultation you can do so here. He really makes the video creating process both easy and fun. We have certainly enjoyed working with him in the past!

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Cooper!

What are some of our reader’s thoughts? Do you think video can help grow your business? Is this something you’d be interested in incorporating in the future? Or is this something you are already doing? If so, high five!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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