As a social media manager, my creative work is subject to be judged by an entire online community who will either love it, ignore it, or reject it (I’m stiiiill trying to decide which of the last two is worse). Being emotionally attached to my work, I became increasingly discouraged when carefully thought-out posts performed poorly. However, taking this rejection personally wasn’t doing much to advance my strategy, and over time I’ve come to no longer fear flopped posts and failed strategies.  

Here’s why:

I know we are well into the year, but I thought this video was a neat look into the current trends and what is to come in 2015. Often it is a challenge to keep up with all of the social media trends and demands, but I don't think small business can get away from it. This video was created by InfoGraphicsDesign. What are your thoughts on these trends? What are you doing to stay active on social media?