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Rough Draft Solutions is Saving the World from Mediocre Writing,
One Business at a Time. 

Communication is king and how you tell your story matters. The way you communicate affects your employees, your partners, and most importantly, your customer relationships. And if you don't speak up and stand out, you're likely to be overlooked. 

At Rough Draft Solutions, we believe the foundation of powerful communication is clear, concise, and focused writing. Whether you have a marketing department and need an extra hand, or if you are doing everything yourself, we are here to help you navigate the world of content marketing. We can't wait to meet you!

Need Ideas? Here's a Start!

Are You Missing a Marketing Strategy?

Creating marketing content is not the time to wing it. A solid marketing strategy will ensure that you’re on the right platforms and are delivering content that your audience wants. Together we will create a strategy that positions you for success.

Is Your Content

No one wants to read content that is excessively technical or a complete snoozefest. Whether you need website content, a brochure, or a presentation, we will craft messages that captivate your client's attention and differentiate your business.  

Are You Afraid of Grammar?

Meticulous editing is vital to creating a professional marketing piece. With our expertise, your content, new or old, will be refined and will showcase the value your business provides. Say goodbye to those frustrating typos and grammar mistakes!