Being a solo-entrepreneur definitely has its benefits - getting to do what you want when you want it and having the freedom of not managing others barely scratches the surface. But when it becomes apparent that your business needs help and you want to add people to your team, how do you know who are the right people to hire? Do you pick those with the most education? The most experience? The best personality? Which qualities are most important to look for in a new employee and which qualities should you look out for as warning signs in interviews?

Many interviewees are prepped with specific answers to important questions and have examples of their experiences ready to present. However, just because they execute a great interview doesn’t mean they are right for your company. Today we will share some tips with you on how to successfully maneuver the hiring process. We will cover which qualities to look for, actions to take during interviews, and ultimately, how to hire the right employee for your company.

Get to know candidates beyond their resumes

Resumes play an important role in learning about the background of a potential employee, but there are many factors left out. Personality, attitude, interests, and life goals all cannot be depicted in a resume. These are parts of a person that have an important impact on the work they do and the business relationship you build.

I’ve been told many times that interviewing is like going on a date. It’s crucial that the personalities of the interviewer and the interviewee are right for each other. If not, the business relationship will be suffer and the work and productivity will fall short.

Aim to find someone who you get along with, who you share interests with, and who you genuinely enjoy being around! It takes the whole team’s coordinated effort to accomplish quality projects and with an employee you can respect as a person and as a worker, the task becomes easier and success becomes more achievable! But keep in mind that you are indeed hiring for your business, not looking for a friend. So remember to try to find a candidate with the right talent, skills, and personality. It’s all about balance!

Don't just find a balanced employee, create a balanced team!


Create standards and stick to them

Before jumping into the interviewing and hiring processes, take the time to come up with standards you are seeking for in a future employee. These could be things like punctuality, ambition, and enthusiasm. Once you set these standards, be sure to stick with them. It will pay off to wait for the right person than to settle for a less ideal candidate. 

Once you find the right employee for your company, learn how to create employee progress based on your initial standards.


Attitude is everything

It is said that “Skills can be taught, attitude cannot.” This statement cannot be emphasized enough! You can teach an employee skills needed to get the job done, but you can’t single-handedly instill a positive and passionate attitude into someone. A key component when considering if a potential candidate should join your team is attitude. The candidate may have an impressive background and exceptional skills, but if they lack a reasonable attitude, they are likely not the right pick.

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Ask the right questions

Interviews are full of questions like “Why are you interested in this position?” “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” or “Why did you leave your last place of work?” In order to hire the right person for your company, you need to narrow it down and ask the questions that are most telling of how a potential employee would perform in your company’s circumstances. If you own a customer service oriented business, ask questions that give scenarios of what should be done if a customer asks a challenging question. If you own a bakery, ask what they think the most important things are to know about working in a bakery. Asking questions that are specific to your business will help filter out those who are not right for the job.

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Look for potential

Past experience doesn’t guarantee future success, and a lack of experience doesn’t denote complete failure. It’s okay to consider a candidate that may have little experience but shows great potential. If you hire someone who seems to already know everything, there is barely any room for growth! It may be scary, but if you see potential in someone and have a good gut feeling, take the chance and see what happens. You could be the person to help them realize their potential. Often it is better to hire someone who has a unique skill set in areas that you struggle with. By adding team members who have different talents and perspectives, you will develop a more well-rounded and strong team. You never know how that individual will add value and take your business to the next level.

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What are the top traits you look for when hiring? Tell us, what processes do you go through when deciding to add members to your team?

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