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Company newsletters often leave employees cringing. A hastily thrown together mix of dry policy reminders and upcoming staff meetings will more than likely wind up unread and traveling directly to the “trash” bin of every email account. A company newsletter, if done right, can be an excellent and engaging way to keep employees informed.

Think of your newsletter as a tool - it is a way to share valuable information, company events and make your business feel more like a tight-knit community. It is not a place to skimp out and scan in newspaper articles and call it "good enough." With a little effort and some intentional planning you can share relevant news, stories of interest, and even have a bit of fun.

Here at RDS, we are committed to helping you create a newsletter that engages your team. We want you to not only keep them informed, we want you to empower them, to inspire them to do what they do best. Watch this video to learn how we can present your company in an effective way through content, and read on to discover four tips to create a company newsletter your employees will actually read!

1.      Design Will Catch Them:

Draw people in with a tasteful layout full of color and easy to read text. A newsletter is an internal ad for your company; it needs to catch your employees’ attention so they will take the time out of their busy work day to read it. While we often focus on selling our business to our potential customers, it isn’t a bad idea to pursue your employees and remind them why they have chosen to work for you.

Use a clever headline that elicits trust in the intelligence of the content to follow. Images create interest and invite a reader to continue reading. Have clear sections and an easy to read font so employees can quickly peruse the details and make note of important events. Don't waste their time or frustrate them with a confusing, messy or unappealing content and design.

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2.      Content Will Keep Them:

Write about things that interest people! Always remember content is king. No one wants to read something boring, so a newsletter should be upbeat. Consider including human interest stories, such as how your company is giving back to the community or supporting charity events, and celebrate personal accomplishments and milestones such as employee weddings or promotions. Including a calendar with upcoming events such as Employee Softball League practices or a 5K run will encourage participation and a community atmosphere, all of which are terrific for employee morale.

Don’t be afraid to share valuable company information with your team – give them a reason to be proud of where they work. Challenge employees to participate in writing for the newsletter as well. If you have a diverse set of services, include educational pieces to keep your team apprised of all you can offer customers.

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 3.      Have a Little Fun:

Create a weekly/monthly drawing or prize-winning brainteaser as another way to encourage employees to read your newsletter’s content. People love to compete against each other, and minor prizes such as a $5.00 gas card or a king-sized candy bar can always perk up a day at the office and leave them eager for the next issue.

Another fun challenge is to have employees submit selfies wearing or holding a piece of your company swag. You will be amazed at the creative things people do! I’ve seen a photo of a guy skydiving proudly displaying his company’s logo!

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 4.      Consistency = Success:

As the old saying goes, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Once you’ve successfully created an outstanding newsletter, keep it that way! Being consistent with your newsletter’s format means keeping the title, layout, color, and general content headers the same every time. This allows your employees to become familiar and comfortable with the newsletter. Soon, they will know exactly where to look for the information they need, and will come to depend on it as a helpful and necessary tool.

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