All too often, we panic when we are faced with the responsibility of writing something official about our business. Whether it is a newsletter, a brochure or maybe even a presentation, we become paralyzed by the sheer thought of writing something incorrectly. Sometimes we push the project aside and never write it. Other times, we write it, cringe, close our eyes and push "print" - hoping for the best.

Today we will share a few important tips to help relieve the stress that comes with writing and proofreading and discuss why it is valuable to have others review your work. 


Have someone internal review your content

No one knows the ins and outs of your company better than your colleagues in the business. Have someone with an in-depth understanding of your company's products and services check your content for accuracy and thoroughness. This person will be able to identify important information that may have been left out and suggest different angles you could take. Their technical knowledge enables them to make sure you don't have any blatant or embarrassing mistakes that could hinder your credibility. Ask them to assess whether the content is supporting your identity and goals as a company. Having an internal source evaluate your content can truly make the difference in a professional and accurate piece.

Have someone external review your content

A person outside of your organization and industry can provide a fresh perspective and can ultimately review your content without bias. They are able to put on the "customer-hat" and identify confusing language, vague claims, and industry-jargon.  Someone without the technical knowledge of your business can tell you if the writing is engaging or if it lacks audience-appeal. By being external to the organization they can also comment on your style and tone and give feedback on whether or not your message seems authentic and true to previous company branding efforts.


Make your edits count

Everyone has different processes for proofing their work. Though it is old school in the technological world, we find that printing out a copy of your content and marking it with red pen (or any color you like best) can be extremely helpful. We understand that hitting the print button can be frightening, but printing doesn't have to be so scary when it will only improve your work. Editing your piece off screen allows you to catch more errors and gives you a second perspective at the formatting. Interacting with your content in physical form creates a more in-depth experience of editing. You never know what new approaches you could come across just by having a hard copy of your content!


So what is your process of editing before publishing your content? Do you have go-to colleagues that you trust to review your work? Happy editing! 

If you have questions about editing or would like us to review your content, we know what to do!

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Photo credit: S. Zolkin