The first blog post in our Pinterest for Business Series, “Why Your Business Needs to Be on Pinterest,” discussed the two major reasons why Pinterest is beneficial for your business:

#1 It generates sales                         

#2 It drives traffic to your website

While our hope is that our first post inspired you to create an account for your business, you may be scratching your head as to what to do next. How should you brand your page? How do you gain a steady following? Which resources can help you create eye-catching pins? And most importantly, what is the secret to creating a successful Pinterest page for your business?

Chances are if you clicked on this article you’re not new to the idea of social media marketing. With 74% of the adult population active on a variety of social networks it’s evident something is working when it comes to connecting with customers online. That’s basic marketing 101 - be where your customers are. 

Picking the right social media platform to connect with your customers is a bit subjective. As I am sure you can guess, most businesses invest the bulk of their energy into the more obvious platforms like Facebook. But there is one network in particular that deserves a lot more attention—Pinterest