Email marketing and social media have been a focus of our project work lately, so today we have created a round-up of interesting articles for you to read. So many business owners are faced with the feeling that they have to be on social media and they need to be sending out emails. Instead of being deliberate and planning things out, they often post or email haphazardly. Not necessarily a recipe for success.

These articles offer unique and relevant tips that you can start implementing today! Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

How has your week been? It is hard to believe that we are halfway through August! The project list has been pretty full over here at Rough Draft Solutions – but that is a wonderful thing! In the time that I have been a business owner I have learned one thing for sure - there is an ebb and flow to the number of projects that come to fruition. It seems the art of business success is in managing those ups and downs and establishing systems to help create a balance between actual project work and the effort to find work for the future.