Recently, I've heard a few people say email is dead. They are wrong.

Even in the world of overflowing inboxes, it is still worth your time to reach out to your customers through email.

Email campaigns are an effective way to provide value, connect with your customers, and share more about your business. With an email campaign, you are sending out marketing content on a specific schedule with the intention of increasing your customer’s awareness, trust, and interest in your business.


Email marketing and social media have been a focus of our project work lately, so today we have created a round-up of interesting articles for you to read. So many business owners are faced with the feeling that they have to be on social media and they need to be sending out emails. Instead of being deliberate and planning things out, they often post or email haphazardly. Not necessarily a recipe for success.

These articles offer unique and relevant tips that you can start implementing today! Enjoy!