What’s your home page saying about you? As the most viewed page on your website, your homepage should leave your audience intrigued and informed. What they should not be is bored, confused, or unsatisfied. If you don’t capture your current and potential customers’ attention quickly, they will leave. Seems like common knowledge, and yet, we come across poorly executed homepages every day!

What you include on your homepage sends your audience a message about what you think is most important for them to know, your approach to customer relationships, and why they should do business with you. Your homepage should direct your audience to where they should go next on your website and how they can get more information.

Your homepage is your 24/7 sales tool. Don’t screw it up.

Create a Successful Homepage

Include these 3 elements on your homepage.  

1. Clear, concise, and creative content

You must be intentional with the content you put on your homepage. Don't squander this prime real estate.

Customers come to your website for different reasons, but the homepage is the foundation that should tell each and every customer a few vital things about your business. Your clear, concise, and creative content should answer the following questions.

  • What is your company’s mission?
  • How can you solve your customer's problems?
  • Where can they go to get more information?

I’m sure you could elaborate extensively on these 3 elements, but the key is to keep these things simple and to the point. Customers want to know you value their time. If you write paragraphs of information they don’t necessarily need to know, they will likely be bored and overwhelmed. Focus on these 3 questions to captivate your customers, provide value, and direct them where to go next.


2. Thoughtful organization

Think about how you will organize your homepage before you start writing. What information does your audience need first? Instead of talking about all the great products you offer or why you're better than your competition, first, highlight how you can improve your customers' lives.

Create an outline for your homepage to help you focus on the necessary information while also thinking about how your customers will interact with your homepage. Think about their experience as they scroll through your homepage - is the organization logical, enjoyable to read, and easy to navigate? Determine where you want them to go next on your website, and make sure you clearly guide them.


3. Clear call to action

I view homepages as the map for the rest of the site. Your homepage should set the tone and clearly direct people where to go next. Ask yourself, why do your customers come to your website? Are they gathering information, scheduling a consultation, or purchasing a product or service? Give them clear directions on how to get what they want.

Though a call to action should be on every page of your website, it’s vital to have one on your homepage. Use this call to action to keep your audience engaged and direct them where to go next or to offer them a piece of valuable content that will keep them engaged. This is your opportunity to capture your reader’s attention, and guide their journey and experience.

Keep your call to action clear, easily accessible, and focused.


Your homepage is the first peek customers get into your business. Take the time to craft compelling and impactful messages, organized layouts, and clear call to actions to start your client's’ experience on a positive note.


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