You may provide outstanding products and services, but if you don’t treat your customers right, they will find another way to get what they need. It is important to show your customers they are respected, valued and appreciated by your company. There are many simple ways to give your customers excellent service, but you want to be the business that goes above and beyond to keep your customers coming back.

Here are seven ways you can better serve and support your customers. The goal is to keep them happy and coming back for more!


1.  Communicate clearly

Clear communication is the foundation for providing great customer service. Articulating what you can do for the customer and understanding what they need is essential. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking in person, talking on the phone, or writing an email. If the communication is not clear, time is wasted, tasks don’t get done, and customers become frustrated. Be sure to speak clearly, stay focused, and communicate in a way that resonates with your customer. If you’re unsure of the style of communication your customers like, ask! Remember, you are not communicating with a peer or coworker - you need to speak your customer’s language!


2. Educate yourself

No one knows the ins and outs of your business like you do! When customers come to you with questions, it’s important that you have a quick and applicable answer ready for them. Educating yourself with the tedious specifics will prepare you to answer most questions. Knowing your stuff can help boost your credibility and position you as a more necessary and reliable resource. Of course, if a question arises that you don’t know the answer to, be honest and tell your customer that you will get back to them asap with the right answer (then do it!)


3. Show you care

If you want your customers to feel valued and appreciated, you have to do the things that show that they are! Giving them your full attention, focusing on their individual needs, and simply smiling during an interaction can show customers you truly care. If you want to exceed customer expectations, reward them when you can. Whether it be a coupon, promotion or a freebie, customers who are rewarded are likely to remember, love, and return to your brand. If you are able, keep notes on the needs and preferences of your clients, this will help you customize your service to them as much as possible.


4. Listen, understand, and be patient

It's almost impossible for your company to provide good service to consumers if you are not listening to them. It may take some time for your customers to understand a concept of comprehend how a product works, so it is your job to hear what they're saying, understand where they're coming from, and demonstrate patience. 

If you listen and understand what your customers are saying about your business, you can gain a new perspective that will lead your company towards improvement. Having patience while customers begin to understand your business and more specifically, their needs, will display your kindness, sensitivity, and compassion. The hope is that this will lead to high customer satisfaction and engagement. 


5. Ask for feedback

You should always try to find new ways to improve your company. Who better to ask how you can fine-tune your business than your customers? Most people are willing to share their thoughts and opinions and will be pleased if they see changes based on their feedback. 

After making the changes based on the feedback you received, be sure to follow-up with customers to see if you properly implemented what they were asking. Actively applying customer feedback will show them their voice matters and can make a difference in your company. 


6. Stay positive

Customers will remember the interactions they have with your business, so it's important for you to make that memory a positive one! Politely greeting your customers and asking how they're doing is a simple way to bring some positivity into their day. Remember, the problems you may be facing in your day or your business are not your customer's problem! It is not appropriate to grumble or complain to your customers. Put on a happy face and remember, no matter how they treat you, your job is to treat them with grace and professionalism. 

Using positive language can also make a big difference in the way customers view your company. Saying “We will have that in supply next week” instead of saying, “We can’t supply that until next week” will help in shaping your customers outlook on your services. Being positive and encouraging is something you can do that is simple and yet can make a big impact on your customers.


7. Say thank you

Where would you be if it weren’t for your customers?  It is because of them you are continuously gaining experience and can provide products and services you care about. Expressing gratitude to your customers will show them you truly appreciate their business and understand that they have a choice of who they do business with.

If you put in the work and effort to provide your customers with outstanding customer service, you will see the benefits of loyal customers returning to your business and speaking well about your company to others!

Which tip do you find most important when providing excellent customer service?

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