When it comes to writing blog posts, we want our customers to be excited about our content and be responsive to what they read. We want to create a blog our customers can connect with, but what should we include in our blogs to make it interesting for our customers? What aspects of our blog will set us apart from the rest?

Today we will discuss a few ideas that can make your blog posts more interesting and more fun for your customers to read.

1.Stay focused on one topic

Cramming too much information into a blog post may overwhelm your customer and give them less useful information about several topics, instead of valuable information on one important subject. Create blog posts that are focused in on one, specific topic. Do your research and become an expert on the subject being discussed! Your customer’s loyalty is likely to increase if they read your content and see that you know your material.

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2. Write about subjects that matter to you!

It is no secret; the reader will be bored if the writer is bored. You will see a big difference in your writing if you write about topics that truly mean something to you. Passion is infectious! If you can convey the passions of your work into your content, it can make your blog ten times more interesting.

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3. Use metaphors

If you are passionate about your work but think that it is a dry, unappealing subject to the public, try to create a metaphor or symbolic connection that your customer can relate to. Using one or two metaphors is a perfect way to mention an interesting topic, while relating it back to your basic ideas. Making your customer think about the content in a unique way will allow them to comprehend the ideas and concepts of your company more easily.

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4. Provide solution and actionable ideas

The focus of your blog posts shouldn’t be on selling, but helping. Your customer is already reading your blog that expresses their interest in your company. Sharing helpful tips and explanations is more likely to keep your readers attention longer than if they were being bombarded by advertisements. By providing solutions that your customers can take action on, you are providing more value.

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5. Link to additional resources

It is known that you aren’t the only one discussing this topic! Your customers know there are other sources out there that they could be depending on for information. Take advantage of this knowledge by linking to sources you and your company find credible and helpful. Chances are your customers will find them helpful too!

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6. Ask customers their opinions and share your own!

It may seem like too simple of an answer, but directly asking your customers what they are interested in reading is something you can easily do to improve the popularity and traffic of your post! Write your blog as though you are speaking to a customer in person. Ask what it is they need help with! Share your opinions! Challenge the status quo! Asking your customers their opinions will leave them feeling like your company truly cares about what they are yearning for. And they would be right; we’re asking because we DO care! Adding to the conversation and sharing opinions is a more productive way to connect with customers than just regurgitating information they have heard many times before.

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7. Use images effectively

Images are a great way to catch a reader’s attention! While your content might be beautifully written, adding an image can enhance the look of the page and intrigue the reader even more. Find an image that is relevant to your content, appropriate for your readers, and eye-grabbing for your audience. Add a photo to your blog to convey emotion, evoke curiosity, compliment your headline, or just to make your reader smile. Making any of these connections can boost your customer’s relationship with your company and keep them reading your posts! 

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