Ta-da! I am so excited to share our new marketing piece with you! While I may be biased, I am thrilled to have a leave-behind that clearly articulates what we do and how we can help you as a small business owner.

It's funny, even though I help businesses craft messages that showcase what they do and the value they provide on a daily basis, it was hard for me to do it for my own business! I suppose it was good for me to see what my clients experience. :) 

This is the first of the new branding pieces you will see us rolling out in the next couple of months. Our goal with this document is to quickly and visually explain what we do and how we can help you create quality content.

Rough Draft Solution's focus for 2015 is to help businesses create content worth reading. There is already enough boring content wasting our time and clogging up our news feeds. No need to add to the pile! 

We want to help you stand out, connect with your customers and grow your business. 

The key to helping you create content worth your customers' time is really understanding who you are, where your business is going and how you hope to engage with your clients. We need the inside scoop on what your customers struggle with and what solutions they need.

Well written, focused and engaging content that resonates with your customers can make all the difference. There is a large divide between advertising content and value-added content. Small businesses who are strategically approaching their blog posts, newsletters and social media posts are getting so much more out of it.

When you take the chance to focus on your client's needs and provide them solutions instead of talking strictly about your products and services, you will be amazed by the response. I know we are only brushing over the issues right now, but in future posts we will dig into the details of how to create this relevant and engaging content. 

What do you think?  What are your burning questions about how to create interesting and relevant content? Do you like the marketing piece?


PS. If you need help getting started with your content marketing efforts (blog posts, newsletters, videos, website content), we'd love to brainstorm with you. 

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