Did you survive the first full week of work after the holidays? I hope so! My family rang in the New Year in Florida and I couldn't be more thankful for the restorative and much-enjoyed break. But now it's go-time. And if my inbox full of emails wasn't enough to bring me back to reality, the more than 80-degree change sure did! ;)

So, it's really 2015 huh? We all have a clean slate and 2015 is just waiting for us to do what we want with it. Let's put the seemingly required "work out" resolutions aside for a moment and think about real goals and aspirations that you want to work toward and changes you want to make a reality for your business this year. Here are a few questions to help you start brainstorming (Don't feel bad, while it may be the second week of January, it's always better to start late than never!).

  • What changes (even little ones) would make a big difference in your productivity, sales and customer relationships?
  • What accomplishments would make you sigh a big fat satisfied sigh of contentment and satisfaction?
  • What would help you become and feel more organized and like the best version of yourself? 
  • What can you do in your personal life to help you feel more fulfilled in your work?

Here are a few changes, goals and priorities we are going to pursue here at Rough Draft Solutions. I hope that you will help keep us accountable and that you will share in our efforts to make this year the best one yet. 

  • Pursue strategic partnerships that broaden our customer base, strengthen our network and create more opportunities to positively help local businesses.
  • Practice what we preach: Communication should be consistent and customer focused (More blog posts, start an email newsletter and follow social media strategy).
  • Take on projects that may be challenging but will help strengthen our skill set and broaden our service offerings. 
  • Declutter and simplify in every facet of our business.
  • Read more business related books - pursue passion for learning. 

The beauty of these ideas/goals/changes is that they can continue to evolve and the pursuit of them will likely bring more satisfaction and enjoyment out of the work we do. I hope that you are feeling inspired and that by thinking about these questions you come up with a few ideas that will make a big difference in your year! 


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Photo Credit:Liane Metzler

AuthorAmanda Washburn