Happy June!  As our routines often change during the summer months, we want to take a moment to remind you of the value of ramping up your business's communication efforts. Whether you have a manufacturing business, a retail shop or maybe even an insurance agency, your customers may have a little more time on their hands and will be more available for meaningful communication from your business. 

Today, we want you to break out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself to proactively engage with your customers and let them know what is new with your business. We will share a list of topics you could discuss with your customers and some ways you could reach out to them to give you that running start!


Relevant topics to share with your customers:

  • Share a summary of your business's accomplishments in the first half of the year.
  • Promote your goals for the summer months - show that your company is going places.
  • Customer highlight: Feature a special customer or partner company by sharing why you value them.
  • Sales: Tell your customers about any specials or big promotions you have going on. Encourage them to visit the store, or set up a meeting to discuss what's new and why they should pay attention!
  • Have a summer photo challenge: Challenge people to take photos relevant to your company or a special theme and have them share it with a custom hashtag.
  • Employee highlight: Feature new/veteran teammates who are making a big difference for your customers.
  • New products/services: Make sure your customers are informed about what value you are providing to them.
  • Tips and tricks relevant to your business and your customer's needs during the summer.

Ways to share this information and engage your customers:

  • Create an email newsletter and send out to all of your current/potential clients.

  • Create a Facebook page, or start posting regularly on your page (This could work for sharing updates, having the photo contest etc).

  • Create an Instagram account. This would work well for the photo contest and sharing fun summer photos relevant to your business.
  • Send out a flyer/hard copy newsletter.
  • Start a blog and post on it regularly.
  • Send out a summer postcard.
  • Create a video and post it on YouTube.

The goal is to make the summer the best it can be and check off some of the items that have been on your to-do-list for far too long. Communicating consistently with your customers should be one of those priorities. Make a few lofty goals and challenge yourself to pursue them.

Interested in brainstorming some more ideas on how to engage your customers? We'd love to help you get creative and start making progress.

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