Words matter.

The way we talk about our business matters.

The way we write about our business matters.

The way we communicate with our customers matters.

While people may not remember exactly what we say, it is a well-known fact that they will remember how we make them feel. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself as you consider how you make your customers feel with the way you communicate with them about your business. 

  • Do you try to make your customers feel like a valued part of your business community? Do they know you care about their opinions? Do they hear from you consistently enough to feel remembered? 

  • Do your customers know your business strictly for your products and services or do they know you for what you stand for, the value you add to the community and the difference you make in the lives of your employees? 

  • Do your customers know about the success you have had as a business? Do they know when you have given back to those who have helped you succeed? Are they aware of the victories you have had, both big and small?

  • Have you ever asked your customers what kind of communication they prefer? Do they like to hear from you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis? Do they prefer email, social media, snail mail, or phone calls? 

  • Do you write your blog posts, newsletters, emails and social posts with your customers in mind? Are you consistently providing value in the content you create? Are you keeping your promotional content and your value-added content balanced? 

While I could go on and on with these questions, I think you get the idea.

Take some time and consider these questions and see how they fit in to your customer retention strategy. We want our customers to feel valued, empowered and remembered. We also want them to know how our business is different and why we are passionate about what we do.  The goal is to be a valued resource to them and to make sure they know we are listening to their needs and desires.

Let's be careful that we don't publish content simply for the sake of creating content. Let's be committed to making our customers feel genuinely engaged with our brands. Think of the positive influence we could have if we more often shared success stories, featured valued employees and thanked loyal customers. 


What do you think? How powerful are words in the way they make your customers feel and interact with your business? 


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Photo credit: Rayi Christian Wicaksono