Happy Friday! It has been raining all morning and all I want to do is go sit in front of the fire with a hot cup of coffee. Ah, coffee. I haven’t had any in two and a half weeks! (If you know me well, you know I used to drink at least 3 cups a day.) I won’t get into it but I have been on an awesome detox directed by Back to Basics Healthy Living and no caffeine is allowed (amongst many other things). It is quite a feat considering all we have accomplished here at Rough Draft Solutions without any coffee involved! Despite over extending my will power during this detox, I am feeling better than ever. -- All joking aside, this weekend we are headed out of state and it is threatening to snow. Way. Too. Early. If it snows, I am definitely going to give in and have a nice hot cup of jo.

Anyhow, how was your week? What was your biggest accomplishment so far? Around here we have been having fun finishing up some great projects. We are really thrilled to have completed a big website design for Freeland Cooperative Preschool. They are a wonderful client and a pleasure work with. No matter what though, it always feels great to put a big check mark by a completed project. I read an article this morning that provided some tips for staying engaged as an entrepreneur. My favorite tip was to remember to celebrate small victories!

We also have a couple new clients we are starting to work with – one we are writing new content for their website, another we are editing their blog posts and another we are doing a complete online content audit! Between running from meeting to meeting I am finding myself with a lot of screen time. Writing, editing, rewriting, editing some more. ;) All good things though.

This week I also went to a networking event I had not been to before called Lunch with a Punch. It is at Northwood University in Lansing, MI and more than 50 people were there. I love the opportunity to meet other business professionals in the area – this group had so much energy and I left with a number of great new connections. Another neat thing about this event is that the main speaker is always a non-profit organization! What a great way to get to learn more about all of the wonderful things going on in the community.

Next week will be another big week. One exciting thing is that we are going to start filming a few videos for the website with Cold Box Films! (Ack! Anyone else camera shy?) So stay tuned! Should be some more interesting things being added to the website in the next several weeks.

As I continue to develop this blog, let me know what kind of content you would like to see. Would you like links to interesting articles? Tips and tricks? Updates of what is going on around here?

Have a great weekend!

- Amanda

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Photo Credit: Taylor Leopold